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The Black Belts of L.I. Ninjutsu Centers

We are dedicated to providing our members with elite martial arts instruction. We are also committed to helping you develop the attitudes and behaviors required to reach BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE - in all areas of life. Our goal is for all our students to become focused, self-disciplined and confident individuals who have the utmost respect for themselves and others.

In our schools, we take great pride in all of our students, but we are extremely proud of those students who have endured, persevered and gone on to achieve their Black Belts. These individuals have surpassed many, many others, to be able to stand proud wearing their black belt. Many students have received black belts from our school, but for a variety of reason, are no longer here. The names and photos you see on this page are actively-training black belts within our schools. If a student stops training for an extended period of time, they are removed from this page, but even though they have been removed, we highly respect their hard work and dedication, and wish them the best in all they do.

Due to the many different systems the martial arts has to offer, the thousands of styles and the myriad of different philosophies, the martial arts has been impossible to police. What does that mean to the general public?

The answer is simple - there is no board certification, no state bonded licensing program, no official governing body through out the world of martial arts. When you enter into a martial arts school you do so at your own risk. Although this seems to be a scary proposition, I can tell you from personal experience there are some amazing and magical life changing martial art instructors on this planet. People who have dedicated their lives to helping others and sharing with them their experiences. These individuals should be commended and praised because they are self-less and continue to change lives one student at a time.

Unfortunately, there is equally as many unqualified martial arts schools and instructors out there. Remember you can purchase a Black Belt in any martial arts store and put it around your waist. In fact, I have some students who have done just that and moved on to run their own schools. Some make claims that they have acquired rank from other associations and have had it all along, but their ability proves differently. I even had a student who acquired the rank of brown belt and quit and convinced another instructor that he was a third degree and this other instructor validated that rank, lending his name and credibility to him. In the long run the truth came out, but not until many students were hurt by his antics.

It is a buyer beware type of situation. For many students and parents they enter a martial arts school blindly. They do not do their due diligence and research the school, their qualification and their abilities. Due to the professionalism and credit to industry consultants, many martial art schools are taking on a more professional business model, which protects clients from the likelihood that a school will open and close.

Also, there are no guarantees in life, so what you may see as a viable business and stable organization today, may grumble right before your eyes tomorrow. You may ask why am I telling you this?

The answer is simple: I am proud of the organization that we have built over the last 24 + years. I want you to know, how proud I am of our instructors and our black belts. Here are a few things that separate us from the rest.

1) In my school it takes a minimum of 5 years to acquire a Black Belt, in other schools you can get it in less then two years. In fact in Japan you can achieve Black Belt in one. This is not to say that the particular school that gives a black belt in less time is bad. They just have a different level of requirements to black belt. Sort of like a Dr. or an attorney compared to another field.

2) In my school most of our Black Belts have trained for a minimum of 8 years or more, especially if they are children. Which in our organization they have started as young as 3 and have trained almost their entire life, starting in diapers.

3) We have many people we give the title of "Sensei" out of respect. This means they have achieved Black Belt Status, but there are only a select handful that we allow to teach in our school. These are part of our stringent instructor training program and Team Leadership Character Development program. They work hard every week learning how to be the best motivators, teachers and black belts possible.

4) All instructors - (instructors can be from the rank of Blue Belt on up) - have undergone a strenuous instructor training program. They have trained and proven themselves to have the capability, the mentality, the understanding and heart to transfer knowledge at their level. For example a junior instructor may be in our "TLCD" - Team Leadership Character Development program levels 1-3. They train each and every week learning methodology that allows them to either assist in class, do warm-ups or actually teach. These individuals are qualified, tested and reviewed before allowing them to take charge of a class.

5) Our Black Belt Instructors - "Senseis" are of a different class entirely. This is not to discredit the other Black Belts, but the licensed instructors have taken a specific instructor training program and given the privilege and honor to be called a true Sensei.

6) At any time this right can be taken away for a myriad of different reasons and this will be decided by Shihan Allie. The knowledge can never be taken away, but the right to teach in an official L.I. Ninjutsu Centers school will be revoked. If this is the case and this student now elects to teach elsewhere they can do so on their own accord, with no support whatsoever from L.I. Ninjutsu Centers.

7) We take this honor and responsibility to guide all of our students from 3 years old on up very seriously and are continually striving to improve, modernize and learn new methodologies to run a more professional school and organization. This is why it is mandatory for all instructors to continue training in order to keep the title of "Sensei." If they do not maintain their training and continued education they are no longer permitted to teach within L.I. Ninjutsu Centers.

The Black Belts students on our Black Belt page are not necessarily instructors, they may have achieved the rank of Black Belt but have not gone on to instructor status. Listed below are our licensed Black Belt Instructors which will have an indication of that next to their name and all other active training black belts within our school. We are proud of each and everyone of them.

Sakura Dojo - Florida
Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta - Dojo Cho - Head Instructor Sakura Dojo

Shidoshi Luis Acosta

Dojo Cho- L.I. Ninjutsu Center (Sakura Dojo)

Sensei Luis has spent 26 + Years in the Martial Arts and has teaching for 15 years.  His experience in Ninjutsu begain with Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu which he holds a 5th Degree Black Belt and the title of Shidoshi.  Besides this he also holds rank in Jujutsu, Goshinjutsu, a 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo from the World Taekwondo Federation.  He also holds ranking in classical & modern weapons and 21st Century Ninjutsu directly under Shihan Allie Alberigo.   

Shidoshi started studying the martial arts at the age of 12 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York with Way of Action Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Linda Lutes a direct student of Grandmaster Sihak Henry Cho. After relocating to South Florida, he began training with many local martial arts masters. It wasn’t until 1998 that he realized his dream come true and started training in authentic Ninjutsu under instructor Shidoshi Juan Hernandez who taught in South Florida. He had the honor to train with some of the best martial artist in the world to include- Soke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi of the Bujinkan Dojo in Noda, Japan.

He received a Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) by recommendation of Nagato Dai -Shihan in March of 2002 in Noda, Japan and received the rank of Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) & the coveted title of Shidoshi (Master Teaching License) on August 7th 2016 at the Bujinkan Honbu Dojo in Noda, Japan. This test was administered by Nagato Dai Shihan with Soke Masaaki Hatsumi present.

Currently Luis is training and studying directly under Shihan Allie Alberigo in the art of 21st Century Ninjutsu  and the L.I. Ninjutsu Centers in West Islip, New York.

Ryan Frank BB Pic 2015

Ryan Frank - San Dan - Third Degree Black Belt - Renshi

Ryan Frank has been training with me for over 12 years, starting at the age of 16 years old. In a little under less then a decade Ryan or as many people know him "Renshi Ryan" has grown from a young teen into an unbelievable young man. Over the years he has matured not only as a person but as a martial artist and an instructor.

Having taught at all of our L.I. Ninjutsu Centers everyone knows him for his attention to detail and his continued dedication to the students. He truly takes a personal interest in everyone he comes in contact with.  He continues to run our championship Demo Team "team Okami," to heights unimaginable, while teaching private lessons in Kickboxing and Grappling.  He is the second in command at our West Islip Headquarters school which is not an easy position to fill. 

He is loyal and dedicated and I am proud that he is one of our most capable intructors within our schools. A few years back Shihan Allie bestowed on ryan the rank of Renshi for his dedication, ability and training knowledge. He is now permitted to teach and promote black belts within our schools.  Shihan  Allie Alberigo - founder.


I started training in the art of Ninjutsu when I was 16 and I achieved my black belt at age 20. Throughout my life I always wanted to learn martial arts and joining the Hanata dojo made that dream a reality. My goal in life is too continually learn new techniques and further my advancement in the knowledge martial arts has to offer.

Many different life lessons can be found in the martial arts, and it sounds odd that in seemingly aggressive arts such as Ninjutsu that things like self discipline, honesty, and respect can be found. In my martial arts training, I have found that patience is sometimes two breaths away. My teachers have shown me that my path in life should be righteous and respectable. I also learned that the easy way is not the always the best way, and to not let the little grievances bother me.

Learning the importance of understanding one's culture and the cultures of others can also be found in the martial arts. One of the best lessons I learned from studying with all of the the student creed, the instructors and students at L.I. Ninjutsu Centers is the ability to persevere through even the toughest of life’s obstacles that I will encounter.

At Long Island Ninjutsu Centers, when a student becomes a black belt they are also know as a Sensei. I started helping out at the dojo when I was a yellow belt. This took place about 3 years before I achieved my black belt. I learned many different lessons from all of my instructors and I’m forever grateful to them. I believe that they trained me to become a great instructor, especially Kyoshi Allie. Another one of my goals is, to truly be a Sensei who can show a student kata, technique or at least explain to the best of my knowledge how to defend themselves, and it's all thanks to my teachers.

Favorite Quote   -“Rhythm is something that exists in everything, but the rhythms of martial arts in particular are difficult to master without practice.” (Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings.)

Favorite Weapon  - Katana

Savannah Zaneski BB 2015

Sensei Savannah Zaneski - Shodan - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Savannah started training with me as a very young child. Her parents enrolled her and her 6 other siblings in my program. Starting off in our Mighty Warrior program she became one of our most talented young female students. Always eager to work hard and learn the material she excelled in everything she put her mind to. She has always shined amongst our students and joined our leadership at a very early age while focusing on her Ninjutsu training, school work and outside athletics. She has always been at the top of her class in our school and outside in all her endeavors. I am proud to have her on our teaching team. She is an inspiration to all of our young women and women alike.  She has taken on a role of one of our staff instructors and teaches on a daily basis.  In addition to helping us teach she is also helping behind the scenes with the organization of the school.  We are proud of her and she is an amazing young women.

Sensei Dylan Campson - Shodan - 1st Degree

Dylan is a role model for children of all ages for many reasons. Growing up Dylan struggled with focus but overcame every obstacle he ever had in front of him. If the saying “work hard and you will accomplish anything you put your mind to,” fit anyone’s it would be Dylan. His mindset is put your head down and do whatever it takes to succeed. Dylan now is one of our instructors and he teaches at both West Islip and East Islip and he does an amazing job teaching the 2 year olds on up to the adults. Dylan is one of those students that makes head instructors understand why they do what they do and makes us all proud. We are so very happy he is enjoying teaching and dedicates his time to the martial arts and the students of L.I. Ninjutsu Centers! 

Frank Olmeda Renshi BB Pic 2015

Frank Olmeda 4th Dan - Renshi

is my longest training student. He began training with me in 1992 and has been here ever since. He is a true student and friend. Over the years we have traveled the world together going to places such as Japan, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Australia and throughout the United States.

Over the years he has proven to be an honorable man and has always done right by L.I. Ninjutsu and I. I am very proud of his accomplishments as a martial art student, as an instructor and as a human being. He works hard every day to spread his good nature and good heart to others as well as his mastership level of instruction. For those that have trained directly under him they know exactly what I am talking about.

In 2008, I bestowed the rank of "Renshi" 4th dan to him and he is one of the few who has ever attained this rank after nearly 22 years of dedicated training and due diligence to the martial arts. The rank of Renshi is junior master level.

He has now acquired the ability to be able to teach Sensei's and other high ranking students within in our organization and at present is the only one who can continue to teach the lineage of L.I. Ninjutsu Centers.   As an instructor I am proud of him, like any martial art father would be and I hold him in high regard.

Renshi Frank is not actively teaching on a regular basis at our schools, however, he is still actively involved of many of our special events, seminars and trainings.

Sensei Joe Raff - Shodan - 1st Degree Black Belt

Joe started with me at a very young age - he is now a Black Belt and a respected part of our school. He teaches periodically at both our East and West Islip locations. Joe has been training with me for years and since he was a child, and has dedicated himself to the martial arts deeply. He never misses class unless he is sick and has been the longest training member of our T.L.C.D - Team Leadership Character Development Program. He has progressed through all 4 levels of our program into an instructor. Joe is also a model student in school and a part of the R.O.T.C program and now going to college full time. He excels in all he does and I am proud to say he has grown from a little kid to a young mature man. He is why I teach and an example of the results we get in our schools. Joe is in his last year of high school and being courted by many colleges. I am so very proud of him.

Sensei Adriel Torres
Adriel Torres Black Belt Pic
Kiara Alberigo - Sensei
Kiara as a white belt

Kiara is the daughter of Shihan Allie Alberigo - the founder.  You would think this may have some priveledges at some point, however with Kiara she worked harder then anyone to achieve her black belt. In fact starting at 20 months old she was the longest training student who didn't achieve her black belt. She patiently waited and moved through all of the student programs such as Little Warrior, Mighty Warrior, Teen and now she is in our Adult curriculum teaching.  Kiara always had a knack for working with young children for some reason they are drawn to her. She is passionate about her studies and just got accepted into college.  Although she has spent her entire life at our dojo training, she will be going off to college shortly to begin her academic studies.

Kiara Naginata Jaime Grabow Black Belt Picture 2015

Sensei Jaime Grabow - Shodan - 1st Degree Black belt

Jaime has been training with since she was 7 years old.  She has always trained hard but at times was like most young kids, distracted and discouraged.  Her parents and I (shihan) had many conversations pertaining to her future in the martial arts and whether the smart choice would be to let her stop.  I personally encouraged them not to let her quit and they agreed.  Years later we are all happy that she didn't however there are tons of people that wish she had.  For example: the people she continually beats in martial art tournaments.  lol...... Jaime has been Grand Champion and winner in Black Belt division on many occasions.  She has taken on the role of team captain for our demo team and also has taken on the role of instructor in both our East and West Islip locations.  She is also a counselor in our Summer Adventure Camp program.  Jaime is what most parents enroll their children in our dojo to become.  They have goals and aspiration of their children becoming outstanding in school, respectful in life, caring, loving and self aware young adults.   This is Jaime's first year in college having been excepted in to the prestigious Hofstra University in Farmingdale, N.Y.   It is our hope that she will continue to train and come to our school to teach and share her life experiences. 


Sensei Frank Burgess - Dojo Cho -
Frank Burgess

The story of Sensei Frank Burgess goes back a long time.  Sensei Frank is a long time student of Shihan Chuck Renaud, who is the founder of NInjutsu in Bermuda. Shihan Chuck trained originally under Shihan Felix Vazquez and within the Circle of One system.  Shihan Vazquez was a direct student of O'Sensei Ronald Duncan who has family roots in Bermuda and has many students there as well. 

Through O'sensei Vazquez, Shihan Chuck and Shihan Allie became training partners and friends and later became associated when Shihan Allie (renshi at that time) started traveling to Bermuda to teach. Later on they appointed Sensei Scott Dunstan (also a student of Shihan Renaud) to run the Hekigan Dojo of Bermuda. This school was a L.I. Ninjutsu Centers Branch school.   Sensei Scott later moved on to other worldly endeavors and for some time, the dojo stopped teaching. 

Head Instructor - Fudoshin Dojo Bermuda

Sensei Frank Burgess received his black belt under Shihan Allie and re opened the dojo under the name Fudoshin - which literally translates to "Imovable Heart."   Sensei Frank thought this was a fitting name for a dojo, that has stood 3 decades in Bermuda.  Sensei Frank Continues to teach on a daily basis and most of the elder students are still training and visiting on a regular basis.  You may get special training from Shihan Chuck Renaud as well as Sensei Scott Dunstan and other amazing teachers while training at the Fudoshin Dojo.

Maguire, John  - Manhatten, NYC - Dojo Cho - Group Leader
Our Esteemed Black Belts
Sensei Tyler Zaneski
Sensei Madison Munoz
Madison Munoz BB 2015 Pic
Pictures of all these esteemed black belt are coming soon!

Christopher Harsch 

Nicholas Harsch

Misegades, Brian

Harsch, Nicholas

Bulger, Brendan





Triolo, Marisa

Palmer-Combs, Jesse

Buser, Tristan

Porchia, Michael

Zaneski, Cassandra

Arellano, Tomas

Erb, Madison

Craddock, Chris



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