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Current Students Frequently Asked Questions

Promotion Questions

L.I. Ninjutsu Centers prides itself on delivering the highest quality experiences. Typically, this would be called "customer service" or "customer satisfaction", but we don't look at our clients as customers. They are simply a part of our family. Success is a team effort, and the winning combination includes our incredible instructors, a passionate student, and (if applicable), supportive parent(s), all working together to bring about a life-changing experience.

We believe any good relationship is based on communication. When students first enroll in our school they are supplied with our Welcome to the Family Packet, which contains all the information necessary to take full advantage of all our amazing services. During the enrollment process, we thoroughly describe all the provisions needed for a person to become an amazing student, and ultimately, an amazing Black Belt. During this process, a huge amount of information is exchanged - far more than we expect you to remember. For this reason, we have developed an online orientation video and questionnaire, to insure you get a visual representation of everything we have to offer, as well as what is expected from our students.

The initial video is broken down in two parts, with a password at the beginning and end. You must have both passwords to receive our letter of intent and the questionnaire that must be submitted to receive your uniform. If the questionnaire is not completed, you will not be eligible for promotion. This is our way of insuring that you are watching the video, and are aware of all of our rules, regulations and the opportunities that lie ahead.

We are very excited and look forward to helping you...

"Gain the Power To Change your Life Forever, and Discover the Ninja in You!"


Dear Student/ Parent,

At L.I Ninjutsu Centers, we pride ourselves on developing quality students in the martial arts, and in life. We believe the lessons of the martial arts are the greatest way to guide, enhance and develop students in a positive manner, regardless of age. We also strongly believe that moving from belt to belt is a very special privilege and honor bestowed on the student by their teacher. The rank promotion is not a right, and should not be expected, or requested in any way. As a student progresses through the ranks in the martial arts, each lesson is a very special gift given to them by their sensei (instructor). This is the transfer of information an instructor has worked tirelessly and endlessly to acquire. It is very valuable, and has been passed down through many generations. A promotion should be treated as if it were a priceless jewel. If and when an instructor feels a student is ready, then (and only then) should the student be promoted.

Traditional martial arts are taught in a way that is foreign to most Westerners. The Eastern thought process helps to develop the mind to be more patient, thoughtful and responsible. It is understood that a person is never entitled to anything until it is bestowed upon them.  It is through the struggles, the frustrations, the trials and tribulations, that the lessons are learned. If a student is only interested in achieving the next belt, or the next lesson, then all the lessons will eventually become meaningless, and the student will eventually quit. We believe training has a beginning, but no end, and every student can continue their training as a life-long pursuit. Some may read this and think, "I don’t want to do this forever", or "what if I move away, or get injured and cannot continue?" These very thoughts are what limit many martial artists. Even with physical limitations your martial art training needn't cease. If you have the correct frame of mind, you will use what you have learned, and incorporate it into every aspect of your life.

Shihan Allie bowing to classAt L.I. Ninjutsu Centers we urge students and parents of young children to shift their focus as much as possible off the belt color, and instead focus on the skill, ability and mindset of the student. The real goal is to be great, regardless of what rank you hold or what color belt you have tied around your waist. When asked what belt he was, the late Bruce Lee said, “belts only hold up your pants.” It is not the belt, but the knowledge that makes a martial artist who they are.

In spirit,

Shihan Allie Alberigo
Owner and Founder, L.I. Ninjutsu Centers
7th degree Black Belt

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